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 CAFS policy

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PostSubject: CAFS policy   CAFS policy Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 3:35 pm

Payback in equal amounts. (To prevent it from becoming another skii)
If pledges<requests, then Patriot Lee and I will step in
If pledges=requests, I will step in to bring balance into our favor
If pledges>requests, nations can save surplus OR aid to anyone in alliance.

Pledges can be either voluntary or as repay.

Three forums will make it up.
Pledges forum.
Debt forum. Each nation aided will have a post by SoT or Pres. Gets striked through when debt is re-payed.

Multiple nations can send smaller packages to one requested, to lighten load.

Bill lock aid requests will NOT accumulate national debt.

CAFS Kickoff:

Four aid requests, which Patriot Lee will fulfill. This will put these four nations in debt. They can then pay the next request divided between them. This puts One more nation in debt, and relieves part of the first four's debts. Thus, the aid system can never be completely balanced again, and it should never shut down.

All current aid debts forgiven, to allow simplicity.

CCRAFS (Confederate Crisis Relief Aid Forwarding System):
If nation is under attack, provided it has slots open, Patriot Lee can send 3 million to nation in need. CAFS debt nations may send several smaller packages to another nation, who can send it all as a large package to nation in need. This frees aid slots, allowing aid to continue in, if needed.

CAFS debt nations may also send aid packages to the nations appointed to help out attacked nation.

CCRAFS can only RELIEVE not ACCUMULATE debt. Nations who help out relieve their CAFS debt. Nations who receive this aid do not gain debt. This may cause an imbalance to the system, but can be alleviated by another, smaller kickoff.
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CAFS policy
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