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 Dear former Confederates

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PostSubject: Dear former Confederates   Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:56 am

Dear former Confederates,
I know many of you may have forgotton about this form, or have stopped playing cybernations. I know i have. We was young. Similar to the real Confederate States of America, when they was destroyed from the north. To F6F Freak, you was a great leader. To all those that had a place in government, yall was very smart. We took what little resources and supplies we had and made do. I am writing this letter so all those who have regestered will once again remember how we prospered. When the GOON war happened it was fuetile to defend ourselves. We cannot forget the unitedness we felt when we was together.
The Confederate States of America was built apon new users. So they would have a place they would be accpeted and wanted. The more we had the more we could expand. We failed to solve the problem that we was made of completely new nations. We could not supply the money needed to help the new nations. When we was attacked we was defenseless againest an alliance as big as GOON. They are a ruthless bunch of rebels (not meaning southern rebels) that had many members of every level.
After the war I joined GOON. In order to enter you had to attack for no reason atleast three nations. It was horrible. You could cheat people out of tech again and again. It was horrible. As for their forum. Horrible. Full of explicit material.
We was better than them in every way except for money, and power.
Sincerely my fellow Confederates,
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PostSubject: Re: Dear former Confederates   Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:16 am

If you want the forums back and to start anew that can be done,

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Dear former Confederates
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